Lyranda® supports
healthy lip skin*

Triple-action Lyranda® cold sore chewables: antiviral, immune support and wound care benefits without the mess of traditional applications

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  • Unique delivery system
  • Each Lyranda® tablet contains 1000mg Lysine and 1.7mg citrus bioflavonoids with a good source of zinc, selenium and 6 vitamins for support of healthy lip skin*
  • Easy and hygienic
  • Lyranda® chewables can be used alone or as an add-on to stop cold sores and shorten episodes often triggered by stress and sun exposure.

Great citrus taste • Gluten free

Lyranda® is distributed by U.S.-based Linpharma Bioactives, Inc. and manufactured in Germany by affiliates who have used science-based ingredients and patented extraction and delivery systems to produce quality supplements for more than half a century. These products and ingredients are backed by in vivo studies published in mainstream medical journals throughout the global research community.


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